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Week 2: CNN - 10

1) Watch a CNN- 10 video of your choice.

2) Write a short summary (4-6 sentences)

3) Write an opinion response (4-6 sentences).

Make sure to include your article link!

Summary Guide:

• State the main ideas of the video.

• Identify the most important details that support the main ideas.

• Write your summary in your own words; avoid copying phrases.

Opinion Response Guide:

What did you find most important in the video? Explain.

What was something you agree/disagree? Explain.

What was something you found interesting or confusing? Explain.


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Doyun Park
Doyun Park

Today's video was about a scientist who tried to make the world's largest telescope that will take about 200 men's life.

They made the telescope to know are there more living things out there, or things to know that are millions or billions light years away to answer the questions about outer space like where are we from, are we alone? That is why they are making the telescope.

I think this is important to know because it is very important to know more about our planet and things that are billions light years away.



There's been a hypothesis that in 2020-2021 the weather will be chilly and freezing for most of the year. Because of climate change, and recent hurricanes and floods, the rates have been rather high that their will be about 21 hurricanes this year. That's the most amount ever recorded.

The most important part was when they told some tips when their is a flood, look for the tallest tree and hang on or if your in a car, break your window with a sharp weapon. I disagree that ALL of the year's weather will be cold, it's not like we wouldn't have no sunny day? Right? I found it confusing that this will continue to 2021, is it because of…


Sawoong Kim
Sawoong Kim

My favorite topic of today's video was when puppy shelters were closed and they had to interact online. The animal shelter was closed, so the dogs were moved to a place where they were safe. People still wanted to adopt puppies, so they decided to show them online, which solved the problem. Now, almost all the puppies are adopted. The leftover puppies are well treated in the treatment center.

I think this is a happy ending, because I was worried that the puppies might not get adopted

because of the coronavirus. Now, I am delighted that the puppies can interact online and still get adopted. I love the story's ending, because the puppies that are not currently adopted…



The Trump Administration wants to ban the app Tik Tok because China is using the app to track internet history and track where you are. The Trump Administration has given the company that owns Tik Tok until September 20th to fix the problem or else it will be sold to america. Tik Tok is suing america saying there is not enough time. There are almost 800 million users who use Tik Tok and 100 million of them using it in the United States.

Overall, I think banning Tik Tok is great because the ads are so annoying and the ads are terrible. It could be very dangerous if the app Tik Tok keeps stealing information despite the 800 million users…


Simple Ethan
Simple Ethan

August 31 2020

The CNN video talked about hurricane Laura destroying homes and other places

and president Trump came to check all the damage the hurricane did.

The video also talked about the Japan's prime minister stepping down from his job because of health issues and more. After that the video talked about school tests being recorded and opinions about the recording. The 10 out of 10 talked about the cutest dog in a contest.

My favorite part of todays CNN video was the 10 out of 10 about the winner for the cutest dog.I liked the video because the winner of the contest is a cute dog. The dog is also a airport guard dog.

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