Our highly qualified teachers help you achieve your goals with proven methods that guarantee results. We support students looking to both strengthen their foundations and improve their performance. Below are some of the courses we offer.

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A wonderful opportunity for students to develop a strong appreciation for reading. Students will engage in group discussion over book of interest. The continued practice of reading books will further mature their reading and comprehension skills. Through individual presentations of books, students will also expand their writing skills with what they have learned from renowned authors.

Math, English, History, Science, Spanish, Test Preps

An individualized plan will be made (through administering a competency assessment) for each student to fit their learning needs and ensure success in these core curriculums.

The writing program will teach students appropriate writing techniques and how to apply them to various writing prompts. Through vigorous practice , students will develop their own writing style while also receiving feedback to help them improve their craft.

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Study Hall will be composed of a group of students (4 max) supervised by one tutor. Students will have the opportunity to ask any questions over any curriculum or homework. It is also a great allotment of time to be used for quiet self study.

This is an excellent option for High School students seeking strategies and guidance to help increase and maintain their GPA. Alongside this, we offer College Advising that will prepare students throughout the college application process. This program will offer direction for students needing revision on their college essays, will help build a presentable portfolio, and teach students how to make their application polished.

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The University Interscholastic League (UIL) provides plentiful of contests for students aspiring to be successful in any academic or extracurricular activity. UIL provides students with educational experiences through these competitions. Participating and advancing in such will help build an impressive college resume. Our qualified tutors will help students study and prepare in order to achieve success.
Available teams: Number Sense, Creative Writing, Mathematics, Accounting

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