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VIP Learning

We are a learning center focused on providing tutoring for grades K-12.

Located in Frisco, Texas, and Incheon, South Korea, we are a learning center focused on providing tutoring for grades K-12 in subjects taught in respective schools. Instead of standardized lessons, VIP carefully plans individualized classes that best suit the student's strengths and weaknesses. We offer both private and group lessons for all grades.

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How to register

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Existing Students

Existing students are given priority.

1. “Semester registration schedule notice” email is sent to the parents 2-3 months prior to the start of the semester. This email contains information regarding semester dates, teacher availability, and more.

2. Once parents provide the information requested in the email noted above, VIP learning sends a “registration follow up notice” email to confirm tutoring schedule and tuition information. This email also includes the VIP Guidebook, and a contract.

3. Once the tuition payment is received with the return of the signed contract, VIP learning sends the “registration confirmation” email which finalizes the registration process for the semester.

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Waitlist Students

Any new students interested in becoming students of VIP Learning would be automatically added to the waitlist. Please contact us for more detail!

Our Team

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Diana Kim

Sarae Nam

Layla Moon

US Director,


VIP Korea Director

Online Math & Science Teacher,

Curriculum Developer

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Seorim Park

James Jeng

Hyesoo Chae

Online Math & Science Teacher

Online Math Teacher

Online English Teacher

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Eric Jeon

Ruby Kim

Math Teacher

Security Director

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Sogum Kim

Public Relations Director - Retired

Our Classes

All classes can either be online or in person.


Book Clubs

Book club is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop a strong appreciation for reading. The continued practice of reading books will further mature their reading and comprehension skills and will also expand their writing skills with what they have learned from renowned authors. Students will engage in group discussion and also carry out individual presentations over books chosen to be read for the semester.


Private Lessons

55 Minutes


Math, English (Reading, Writing), Korean, Science, History


In a private lesson, a student obtains undivided attention from the instructor and is able to work at his/her own pace. The teacher will tailor the lessons to the student’s specific needs and goals.


Group Lessons

1.5 - 2 Hours


Math, English (Reading, Writing), Korean, Science, History


VIP group lessons are typically for 2-3 students, allowing the students to benefit from supporting and competing with each other. Students can also learn by hearing different perspectives and ideas.

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