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Uncle Tom's Cabin

1) Write a short summary ( 4-6 sentences)

• State the main ideas of the video.

• Identify the most important details that support the main ideas.

• Write your summary in your own words; avoid copying phrases.

2) Write an opinion response (6-10 sentences)

What did you find most important in the video? Explain.

What was something you agree/disagree? Explain.

What was something you found interesting or confusing? Explain.


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Simple Ethan
Simple Ethan
20 de nov. de 2021

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Tom was a slave that lived a fine life with his kind master. He had a wife and kids, Eliza had a husband that had a different master. Eliza’s husband George was tired of being treated unfairly so he escaped to Canada. Mr. Shelby ( Eliza’s and Tom’s master) was in debt to Haley, George's master, so he sadly had to sell Eliza’s son Harry and Tom to Haley. Eliza and Harry escaped but Tom stayed for the sake of the other slaves. Tom was put into a boat and was sold to a master named St. Clare, the master was kind but his kind daughter died and after a few days St. …


DY Yoo
DY Yoo
19 de out. de 2021

Uncle Tom is a slave for a family in Kentucky. Author Shelby is very much in debt. He fears that he will lose everything he has, so he decide to sell this two slaves. They are sold to Mr. Haley. Then he was sold again to another owner named, Simon Legree. Soon Tom meets a girl which is really nice to the slaves. She help each of the slaves escape. Tom is questioned on what happened, but refuses to answer. He is beaten and whipped to death.

This is a really sad book to read. This is a prefect example of what happened to slaves. The strong vivid details in the book makes it painful to read. The book was…


Nathan Jung
Nathan Jung
16 de nov. de 2020

Uncle Tom's Cabin:

Uncle Tom's Cabin begins with a Kentucky farmer named Arthur Shelby. Shelby is very much in debt, and he fears he will lose everything in his life that he has worked so hard for. He owned two slaves, Uncle Tom and a young boy named Harry, both of which whom he treated with kindness. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to sell them to a coarse slave trader named Mr. Haley. He is then sold once again to an even more dangerous man named Simon Legree. As Tom begins to adjust to his new, more miserable life, he meets a young girl. This girl, however, treated the slaves as humans, not usable tools. She took…

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