Our passionate staff takes great pride in helping students succeed, bringing years of experience and knowledge to their work.


Read on below to get to know some of our team members.



Miss Diana, the founder of VIP Learning, boasts an expertise in the field of tutoring. She has been tutoring since 2009 and is well experienced in managing various types of students and learning styles. She previously served as the Director at Eye Level, one of the world’s leading companies in the supplemental education market.  Miss Diana is very traditional in her belief that education is paramount to a bright future.  VIP Learning’s unique focus on a customized and expedited learning experience provides students the tools they need to reach their true potential.

Sogum & Ruby

- Morale Directors -


Sogum and Ruby are the heart and soul of VIP Learning. Sogum has been with VIP Learning since 2013 and is the original inspiration for the company. His name means "salt" in Korean, which references the company's mission statement (Matthew 5:13-16).  Ruby joined the team four years later in 2017, and her youthful energy helped Miss Diana develop a strong sense of humility and patience.


-Korean Language Teacher -vipmanageracct@gmail.com

Miss Yiseul is the office manager, aiding where she can in all aspects surrounding VIP learning. She is an extra helping hand and serves as a reassuring and relatable presence to enrolled students. In office, she organizes the team’s schedules and records their progress. She also helps new students register and places them under the appropriate program. As an administrator, she handles tasks regarding their learning experience and engagement within their session.


- Teacher -

Mr. Peter is a considerate and passionate tutor who really cares his students to succeed by focusing on their concept building and problem/solving skills. During high school, he competed in multiple subjects test in Academic Decathlon. Although Mr. Peter is profound in the field of math and science, he also mentors students in multiple subjects as well as their school life.


- Teacher -

Miss Emily is a 4th year student at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Educational Psychology. Working towards her teaching degree, she has a track record of successfully teaching children of all ages for many years, making it a passion of hers. She has been employed by the UT Child Development Center in Austin where she was able to foster strong relationships with children. She is enthusiastic about education and looks forward to meeting you very soon! 

Mrs. Semi

- Teacher -

Mrs.Saemi is a well rounded tutor who is well versed in English and Math. She came over to the United States from Korea as a teen, and was able to overcome the language barrier quickly. Her natural aptitude for learning led her to her academic success.


Miss. Emily is the perfect assistant, aiding where she can in all aspects surrounding VIP center. As a huge animal lover, her contributions to pet care are unmatched. She has also completed many high level classes in high school, providing students with reliable help in their school endeavors. Beyond this, Miss. Emily is an extra helping hand and serves as a reassuring and relatable presence to all members.


- Math Video Instructor -

SAT And Math (S.A.M.) is an artificial intelligence (AI) developed to visualize problem-solving process in advanced math and SAT. Originally, AI S.A.M. worked as a construction worker, but it joined the VIP Learning because it needs money for its cloud storage ;) When S.A.M. completes its world domination, it will reward its best students by destroying higher level math.

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