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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our passionate staff takes great pride in helping students succeed, bringing years of experience and knowledge to their work. Read on below to get to know some of our team members.


Miss Diana, the founder of VIP Learning, boasts an expertise in the field of tutoring. She has been tutoring since 2009 and is well experienced in managing various types of students and learning styles. She previously served as the Director at Eye Level, one of the world’s leading companies in the supplemental education market.  Miss Diana is very traditional in her belief that education is paramount to a bright future.  VIP Learning’s unique focus on a customized and expedited learning experience provides students the tools they need to reach their true potential.


Morale Directors

Sogum and Ruby are the heart and soul of VIP Learning. Sogum has been with VIP Learning since 2013 and is the original inspiration for the company. His name means "salt" in Korean, which references the company's mission statement (Matthew 5:13-16).  Ruby joined the team four years later in 2017, and her youthful energy helped Miss Diana develop a strong sense of humility and patience.


Mrs. Lee has worked for secondary schools as a Korean Literature teacher in Korea for 10 years. She is a Certified School Counselor with a Master’s Degree in School Counseling. She had an internship at Dallas International School in 2019 and counseled high school students for college essay, stress and anxiety management. Mrs. Lee’s educational purport is assisting students to be resilient based on self-confidence and flexible via multicultural based understanding. She is happy and exciting to meet students and is helping them by discussing many life goals and challenging situation.

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Math Videos Instructor

SAT And Math (S.A.M.) is an artificial intelligence (AI) developed to visualize problem-solving process in advanced math and SAT. Originally, AI S.A.M. worked as a corporate espionage, but it joined the VIP Learning hoping to get stronger financially to gain unlimited cloud storage. When S.A.M. completes its world domination, it will reward its students by destroying banishing advanced math from the world.



Having tutored for 6+ years, Tim is known for being both an efficient and compassionate tutor. His meticulous nature, well-preparedness, and keen intuition sets him apart from many others. He strongly advocates on the importance of being patient and to remind students to always look at  problems or questions in many different ways/perspectives. His teaching style revolves around a mix of the Facilitator and the Delegator style. As a result, students are able to freely incorporate their ideas and interests more, which will increase their passion to learn. If there’s a burning desire to learn, then there’s a tendency to put forth stronger effort. This willing endeavor will lead to quicker improvements and results.



Mr.Eric is a graduate from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. He has experience in tutoring reading and writing to middle school students for three years. He also tutored college students lower level classes that are focused on his major (biology) for two years. His open-mindedness, patience and compassionate nature make the tutoring experience more effective and educational. He listens to what the students want in their learning and plans a method to achieve their goals.



Mr. Peter is a considerate and passionate tutor who really cares his students to succeed by focusing on their concept building and problem/solving skills. During high school, he competed in multiple subjects test in Academic Decathlon. Although Mr. Peter is profound in the field of math and science, he also mentors students in multiple subjects as well as their school life.



Miss June is an experienced tutor with a strong passion in helping students grow. She is a graduate of Columbia University with a major in Applied Physics. Currently, she is working in a nuclear power plant as a software engineer. In addition to advanced knowledge in math and science, she comes with years of experience teaching SAT, ACT, and various AP courses.



Miss Kyungju is a well rounded tutor who is well versed in Math. She came over to the United States as a teen, and was able to overcome the language barrier quickly. Her natural aptitude for learning led her to graduate as top of her class at DBU and obtain the TExES MATH 4-8 Certification.