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Wrinkle in Time

Book Review: Write TWO paragraphs.

Paragraph 1 - Summary (4-6 sentences)

- Make sure to include the characters, setting, climax/problem, and solution/conclusion.

Paragraph 2- Opinion (6-10 sentences)

- Write about why you like or dislike the book.

- What was your favorite part? Did you like the ending?

- Talk about the author’s style of writing.

- Explain whether you would recommend this book to others or not.



Oct 25, 2021

Meg and Charles are weird kids in the school and Meg thinks that too. They soon find themselves teleported into this new world with their friend Calvin. Along with 3 ladies, Ms.Whatsit, Ms.Who and Ms.Which. These three ladies knew about Meg's father, who disappeared. They go on an adventure to find and rescue Meg's father when they soon meet a person called IT. It is the villain who can control people's minds. The IT had captured Meg's father in this glass prison. Charles gets manipulated by IT and gets mind controlled. Fortunately, Meg defeats IT and saves her brother and her dad. She gets teleported back and goes home happily with her friends and dad by her side.

At first…


DY Yoo
DY Yoo
Sep 27, 2021


Meg and Charles are very successful students at school, but also very weird. Soon Meg and Charles meet Calvin, Ms.Whatsit, and her two friends. Meg wants to see her father, so she asks Ms. Whatsit and her two friends about it. They took Meg, Charles, and Calvin to a different plant far away. This is where they met and rescued their father from a prison. After that they met a person named IT. He gets in control of Charles so Meg and his father rescue Charles from IT. They finally ask Ms.Whatsit if they could go home. Everyone got home safely and lived the rest of their life.

Overall, I think this is a great book. It has a…


Simple Ethan
Simple Ethan
Nov 20, 2020

People think that Meg and Charles are very weird children. Later they make new friends that are Calvin and Mrs.Whatsit and her two friends. Later they find out a mysterious thing called IT has Meg's and Charles dad so they adventure to the planet where IT is. It gets control of Charles acts very mean they bust their dad out but Charles stays at the planet where IT is. They get some rest from Aunt Beast and they adventure out to get Charles but this time Meg goes alone because she needs to she get Charles alone she gets Charles out with something that IT does not have Love. After that they go back to their family and lives h…


Unknown member
Nov 11, 2020

Meg hated school and she thought she was dumb. Her brother Charles Wallace is said to be weird. They meet Calvin and find themselves in a haunted house and found three ladies. The ladies knew about Meg's Dad so they followed them. They got teleported into a new world and got comfortable later on they were told by the ladies that there father is fighting a dark being. They are sent to a place where there is a evil oversized brain called IT it controls Charles Wallace and Meg and Calvin have to leave. Meg comes back after to defeat IT and save Charles Wallace. She succeeds and also saves her father from a mirrior prison and they go home…

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