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Time Travelers

Book Review: Write TWO paragraphs.

Paragraph 1 - Summary (4-6 sentences)

- Make sure to include the characters, setting, climax/problem, and solution/conclusion.

Paragraph 2- Opinion (6-10 sentences)

- Write about why you like or dislike the book.

- What was your favorite part? Did you like the ending?

- Talk about the author’s style of writing.

- Explain whether you would recommend this book to others or not.



Nathan Jung
Nathan Jung
Oct 18, 2020

The Time Travelers: Prisoner Of Time Summary

Book three begins with Devonny, Strat's younger sister, is talking with her best friend Flossie. Flossie is in love with an Italian construction worker. Devonny fears that Flossie's parents will let her go for disapointing them with her poor love choice. One day, she is outside thinking about what her life will be like. However, she is living in a time where a woman's sole purpose is to stay at home and please their husbands. She is caught outside alone and is engaged to a British Noble named Lord Hugh David. She agrees to marry him, even though she does not like him. Suddenly, she is warped into the future during Annie Loc…


Nathan Jung
Nathan Jung
Oct 13, 2020

The Time Travelers: For All Of Time Summary

The fourth book of The Time Travelers series begins with Annie Lockwood meeting someone named Stratton Lockwood. Annie believes that this is Stratton from a hundred years in the past. Annie asks Time to take her back 100 years, but she malfunctions and gets sent back thousands of years in the ancient Egyptian times. A girl named Renifer takes care of Annie, but they are sacrificed to the Dead Queen Hetepheres. Annie leaves behind subtle changes in the timeline such as markings in the sand hoping that Strat, living in the 19 century in Egypt, will see them. Strat remembers who Annie is so he time travels back to save her b…

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