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The House on the Mango Street

The House on the Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

Choose one :)

(unless you want to write both)

1. The novel The House on Mango Street is a series of vignettes (very brief narratives or descriptions). Most of the vignettes revolve around characters that the narrator, Esperanza, remembers from her childhood. All of the vignettes are associated with very strong emotions.

Choose a minor character in the story of your own childhood who made a strong impression on you. Write a vignette about this person. Give your character a fictional name. Focus on one small scene, modeling your vignette on those in The House on Mango Street.

2. A major idea (theme) developed in the novel The House on Mango Street is the relationship between people’s identity and their setting. In other words, where you live has an impact on how others perceive you and how you identify yourself.

Esperanza’s desire to have a house of her own reflects her desire to establish her own individuality.

Write a descriptive essay detailing the home you hope to have someday. Be certain to plan your essay before you begin writing. Think about what is important to you and how your space will reflect your values. Consider the larger setting (city, state, rural, urban) as well as details (furnishings).

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