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Sign of the Beaver

1) When it comes to his family, what worries Matt more—the threat of loneliness if they don't return, or the threat of death because he can't survive alone?

2) How would the story have changed if Matt and his sister stayed behind, rather than Matt alone?

3) Will Matt ever fit in with white culture again, or did his experience with the Indians change him for life?



Branden Cho
Branden Cho
Jul 16, 2022

1. The threat of death, because Matt was scared that he would only eat fish because ben stole his rifle. 2. Matt would have to catch more fish for him and his sister and Attean might have never revealed himself because Matt wasn't living alone 3.Yes.He would most likely fit in with both cultures because the Indians accept him with his normal self. He would fit with the white culture as well because he was born white and he is a quick learner.


Eugene Han
Eugene Han
Jun 11, 2022

1)The threat of loneliness, because I don’t think Matt is a selfish person ,so he would worry about his family more.He can hunt pretty good because Attean taught him to make traps and stab fishies.

2)Matt’s sister would have met Attean’s sister and they could be friends.Matt thought that they had a lot in common.Attean’s sister might have taught Matt’s sister useful skills like Attean did with Matt.

3) He can be part of the white race and the indians because they are both accepting of him.The Indians even invites Matt to join then to dine and dance.The white race is also accepting of him as being a white person himself.


1. Matt worries more about death. He can’t survive alone because when Ben takes his rifle and doesn’t come back, he is very scared that he will have to only eat fish.

2 Matt would have to hunt more and Matt’s sister and Attean’s sister could have been friends.If Matt’s sister was friends with Attean’s sister Matt would come to the Indians village more often.

3. Yes, because he didn't go with the Indians when they were going somewhere else to hunt also his father got a new rifle so he wouldn’t have to use the Indian ways to hunt for food.He would probably still use the snares though to catch more food.

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