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December CNN

1) Write a short summary ( 4-6 sentences)

• State the main ideas of the video.

• Identify the most important details that support the main ideas.

• Write your summary in your own words; avoid copying phrases.

2) Write an opinion response (6-10 sentences)

What did you find most important in the video? Explain.

What was something you agree/disagree? Explain.

What was something you found interesting or confusing? Explain.


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Nathan Jung
Nathan Jung
2021. jan. 10.

January 8, 2021:

Although the covid vaccine has been released to the world, we are still a long way away from safety. Not only is distribution a problem, but so is vaccine effectivity and manufacturing. I predict that these two problems will be the most troubling in this process. There are so many people in the world who want to take the vaccine, so there will be trouble having enough of it. I think that if the production of the vaccine remains consistent, everyone will have the vaccine before the end of this summer. There is also the problem of the vaccine malfunctioning. If there were to be a mistake in the vaccine, it could cause many dangers. …


Nathan Jung
Nathan Jung
2021. jan. 03.

January 3, 2021:

As we enter the new year, Corona Virus cases continue to rise higher. In an attempt to contain this mess, some countries have been using contact tracing. When people go on flights to certain countries, they are required to give any info they can, such as how long they will be staying there, where they will live, and who they might go with. Such info is then uploaded to an app in their phone. This app tracks where the person is. If this person comes in contact with another person, the app will track them as well. Contact tracing is very helpful to keep track of possible Covid victims. However, some believe that it is a…


Simple Ethan
Simple Ethan
2020. dec. 23.

America has Covid vaccines ready in some places. People are protesting for the changes during 2020. Also they talked about what happened during 2020. People are using Tik Tok frequently because of quarantine. Also in many places around the United States are going to have a white Christmas at Christmas morning Colorado is most likely going have a chance for that. A person created Christmas lights for his car he got pulled over but he can still use it when he is parking.

I agree that people are now starting to use Tik Tok a lot because of Quarantine. I found the vaccine for Covid the most important because it can change Covid. I found the White Christmas interesting becau…


Ryan Shim
Ryan Shim
2020. dec. 19.

12/16 CNN 10

First, it shows positive and negative factors of contract tracing and still argues that it restricts privacy.

Second, China has been sent a spacecraft to the moon, collecting samples of the creator called the sea of the storm, making possibilities to solve mysteries of the ancient moon.

The third topic explains the history of the autobahn, which was a freeway to transport goods and men into front lines during WWII.

First, it’s good to track the patients. But, it may take away privacy and humanity to people who are infected, but it’s good for tracking people who are moving around even if they tested positive.

Second, China has been challenging the United States as a space race!


Ismeretlen tag
2020. dec. 16.

A giant amazonian painting that took hundreds of years was found and its almost 12000 years old! We are surprised that we are still working at home because in march we all thought we would be back working outdoors in a few months but it seems like we will be at home fora whole long and boring year! In twitter some people are going to be working at home permanently even when the vaccine is out. Some companies are saying corona helped business but most are not.

I think the painting is the most important in the cool video. We can learn a lot about what people hunted and get more knowledge from the old paintings. I …

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