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CNN 5&6

1) Watch a CNN- 10 video of your choice.

2) Write a short summary (4-6 sentences)

3) Write an opinion response (4-6 sentences).

Make sure to include your article link!

Summary Guide:

• State the main ideas of the video.

• Identify the most important details that support the main ideas.

• Write your summary in your own words; avoid copying phrases.

Opinion Response Guide:

What did you find most important in the video? Explain.

What was something you agree/disagree? Explain.

What was something you found interesting or confusing? Explain.



Doyun Park
Doyun Park
Oct 03, 2020

Today’s video was about scientists in Israel trying to make a road that charges up cars when they're driving. The scientists said if the road is possible to make, they might also be able to make things that could be created in reality. And if this creation is successful, they will spread it all around the city of Israel. So other scientists from other countries are taking notes about it to put it in their own cities. They will put it in the Urban communities the most because they need the most of the electricity to charge up their electrical cars.

I think this is important because it will take much less to pollute the air which will cause…


Doyoon Yoo
Doyoon Yoo
Sep 30, 2020

The FBI say to be on the lookout for disinformation from other countries. The votes on voting night might not come out right away this year, because of the covid-19. This when other countries can try to trick us about the results of the election. The most important state to get votes from is Florida. Florida will count the votes really fast, so it is a good indication to who wins.

Overall, I think there will be a lot of disinformation on the loose for other people. This election will really get crazy due to all the mail in voting.


Doyun Park
Doyun Park
Sep 28, 2020

In todays video, I learned that dogs could smell out coronavirus. First, you needed to take the sweat from the person. Then, you take the cloth and put it in a can. Finally, you make the dogs smell it and boom! You have the answer if it the person has coronavirus or not, but the people doesn't know certainly that dogs can smell coronavirus. So they are trying to figure out how a dog noes work. After they figure it out they would make machines that can smell coronavirus.

I think that that this is important because it would be very helpful to know if a person has coronavirus or not. Also I'm really curious what will happen to…


Nathan Jung
Nathan Jung
Sep 27, 2020

As this pandemic continues to grow stronger, our economy and industries get weaker. One industry in particular has gotten smaller than ever. The airline industry. There are many procedures that people need to follow, such as wearing masks, social distancing, and having minimal physical contact with others. After an interview with Chris James, a helper for CNN, we got a first-hand look at what was happening. The airport was lifeless. What used to be a crowded place full of chaos and life was now an empty lot. Last year, there were nearly 2 million people flying in America everyday. That number has gone down significantly over the past months. Until we end this pandemic, those numbers will stay low.



Unknown member
Sep 24, 2020

Elections might take longer than expected, the government isn't sure if they could collect all the votes till November 3rd. A lot of people are also taking speculations about the winning vote cause countries like: China, and Russia are confusing a lot of Americans. Their also has been a contest for hollering, it was used a lot when technology wasn't modern like it is today. It helped farmers a lot when they needed help, or wanted to communicate with each other. People still do contests because they don't want the old ways to be forgotten.

I found that the hollering was important, it's a tradition that has lived in that country for years, And should keep on inspiring other…

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