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Among the Hidden Series

Book 1: Among the Hidden

Vocabulary Story

Find the definition for each vocabulary words. Write a short story using five of the words.

lofty, beckoned, resolutely, hangdog tentatively, incredulously. taunted

sanctuary. awe, harboring, ominous, industrialized, famine

notion, grimace, cultivation, daunting, agonized


Paragraph 1 - Summary (4-6 sentences)

- Make sure to include the characters, setting, climax/problem, and solution/conclusion.

Paragraph 2- Opinion (6-10 sentences)

- Write about why you like or dislike the book.

- What was your favorite part? Did you like the ending?

- Talk about the author’s style of writing.

- Explain whether you would recommend this book to others or not.

Short Answers

Short Answers (2-3 Sentences for each question)

1) How do Luke’s and Jen’s personalities differ? How are they alike?

2) How does Luke's friendship with Jen change his life?

3) Which character can you relate to the most?

Book 2 - 7:

Book 2: Among the Imposters

Book 3: Among the Betrayed

Book 4: Among the Barons

Book 5: Among the Brave

Book 6: Among the Enemy

Book 7: Among the Free



UwU Jason UwU
UwU Jason UwU
Aug 11, 2022

Among The Hidden: Luke lives in a world with a rule that all parents must have only 2 kids. Any other children will be killed. Luke has been hiding in the whole world for 12 years. His parent owns a farm and Luke was able to help farm stuff because there was no one around their farm. But one day, houses were built and people moved to the houses so Luke had to stay hidden. Soon, he notices a kid in one of the families that moved in when the house was built. He thinks that the kid in that house is a third child so he goes over to that house and meets a girl named Jen. She is…


Jun 30, 2022

A boy named Luke is a third child. He’s been in hidden for a long time, but one day when he met a girl named Jen, and his life became not boring anymore. For once he actually had someone to play with him or talk to. But when Jen wasn’t answering Luke when they tried talking, so Luke came over to Jen’s house to check if she was there. Instead he met her dad Jen’s dad told him everything. Jen had died.

My favorite part was when Luke got a fake I.D to hide. The ending was pretty sad because he left his family and Jen had died but I still liked the ending because Luke was happy, but sad…


Luke is a third child and spent his whole life in hiding.One day he sees Jen living inside a house where two kids already live.Luke makes up his mind to sneak into their house.They become quick friends.Jen tells Luke about the rally.The day of the rally Luke doesn’t go and Jen gets killed.Later on Jens dad gives him a fake. I.D card.

I think the book was good because there was a lot of exciting parts.My favorite part was when the population police was in Jens house and Luke was there too.There was sort of a lot of killing because when the rally comes to the government they shoot them all down.That part was bloody.

Jen is brave to go…


Book 3 Among the Betrayed

Nina Idi is a third child and she was betrayed by Jason, a boy she loved. One night, a Population police officer comes into her cell asking her for a deal. Get information on three shadow children and they will spare her but if she refuses she will be killed. The next night, the officer takes Nina to the cell where the three shadow children are being held. Nina meets the kids and they escape prison and get somewhere safe. They run out of food and steal vegetables from the school Nina gets caught and gets in trouble when she gets back with the kids the population police officer finds them but he is pretending…


random noob (eh)
random noob (eh)
Jun 18, 2022


Luke Garner is a third child and lives in a world where overpopulation and food shortages have led him to be illegal. Because of this, he is rarely allowed to go outside. One day, out of the corner of his eyes, he sees another third child. He goes to her house and he finds out that her name is Jen and that she has a whole chat room of “Shadow Children”. He learns that she is going to start a rally to gain her freedom. Over the next few months, he and Jen become really good friends. One day, when he is at her house, she offers him to join her in the rally, but being cowardly, he denies…

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