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Among the Hidden Series

Book 1: Among the Hidden

Vocabulary Story

Find the definition for each vocabulary words. Write a short story using five of the words.

lofty, beckoned, resolutely, hangdog tentatively, incredulously. taunted

sanctuary. awe, harboring, ominous, industrialized, famine

notion, grimace, cultivation, daunting, agonized


Paragraph 1 - Summary (4-6 sentences)

- Make sure to include the characters, setting, climax/problem, and solution/conclusion.

Paragraph 2- Opinion (6-10 sentences)

- Write about why you like or dislike the book.

- What was your favorite part? Did you like the ending?

- Talk about the author’s style of writing.

- Explain whether you would recommend this book to others or not.

Short Answers

Short Answers (2-3 Sentences for each question)

1) How do Luke’s and Jen’s personalities differ? How are they alike?

2) How does Luke's friendship with Jen change his life?

3) Which character can you relate to the most?

Book 2 - 7:

Book 2: Among the Imposters

Book 3: Among the Betrayed

Book 4: Among the Barons

Book 5: Among the Brave

Book 6: Among the Enemy

Book 7: Among the Free

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